Our People-Centric Philosophy

Vectrona’s Vision

Vectrona will challenge the norm to become internationally respected for creating process and technology solutions that superbly serve our people, our customers and the world around us.

Vectrona’s Mission

We challenge assumptions to create systems that work for people.

Achieving Our Mission

The first step in achieving our mission is always the same: define the problem.  We ask “What are we trying to accomplish?” and “What will success look like?”  This requires that we examine the system from the perspective of all stakeholders and challenge every assumption. We can’t create higher performing solutions if we blindly accept the same assumptions about resources, context and performance that were used in the past.

Additionally, we can’t effectively improve performance if we’re looking at a problem in isolation when creating solutions.  We need to consider the full system context to understand the importance of interactions and dependencies that impact the performance we’re trying to create.

Throughout the process, we must remember that the system should serve and work for all stakeholders to achieve the greatest possible results.

Our Guiding Principles

People – Our people are our greatest resource and we value the strength of a diverse company culture.  We fully embrace the Truth that, “Humans are more important than hardware.”

Integrity – We will conduct business with an unswerving adherence to the highest moral and ethical standards.

Relevance – Vectrona makes a difference.  We challenge the status quo and explore risk boundaries to make the complex manageable.

Leadership – Whether exercising the daily discipline of personal leadership, or leading a team through a challenging task, every one of us makes a crucial difference by performing as a leader.  We will encourage leadership through creative, innovative thinking in an atmosphere of prudent risk-taking.

Teamwork – Collaborative and integrated teamwork is essential for delivering innovative solutions and exceptional customer service to our clients, as well as in keeping our work enjoyable.

Tenacity – We will persevere through every new challenge with a steadfast commitment to excellence and focus on customer value.

Passion – We are passionate about our work and enjoy doing it.  High performing teams achieve lofty goals and enjoy themselves in the process.  Our abundance of passion translates into unstoppable commitment because we truly believe in the work we do.