Technology Development

We provide technical expertise to solve complex problems, and to help create the technology solutions needed to support and shape strategy.

Augmented Cognition Environment- Extended Reality

Vectrona’s Augmented Cognition Environment (ACE) system delivers information to the point of use to enhance learning and improve task performance while reducing errors and operational risk.  The system improves training and operational effectiveness in spatially complex and informative dense environments where outcomes matter.

Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Systems Development

Vectrona develops and delivers innovative M&S solutions to help meet challenging training and readiness needs such as our VoxC2 AI voice enabled serious game Battle Management training solution that helps train Air Defense Warfighters protecting the Homeland. We support a wide array of use cases, applying lessons learned to national security, energy, and emergency management.

Requirements and Architecture Development

When system requirements and process architecture are well-defined, projects and programs deliver optimal value. Vectrona’s process professionals analyze system governance (inputs, outputs, events, and resources) and collaborate closely with key stakeholders to elicit and refine system requirements and establish the measurable metrics needed to monitor performance. The result is a deliberate and codified process architecture paired with measures of merit that allow in-stride analysis and adjustment of system performance, clearly understandable output and results, and mechanisms that facilitate continuous process improvement.

Test and Evaluation

The holistic nature of our Systems Approach ensures consideration of diagnostic and provisional models to verify the end user has a fully vetted solution before insertion into daily, more high-risk operations Vectrona can support Testing and Evaluation (T&E) programs with the design, analysis, management and evaluation of experimental testing, including selection of the most suitable measures of effectiveness and performance (MOEs and MOPs), choice of testing methods, test plan development, test performance analysis and decision making support to program acquisition.