Navy Warfighters Successfully Complete Defensive Combat Operations Training

Congratulations to Assault Craft Unit Four (ACU-4) and Beachmaster Unit Two (BMU-2) warfighters for successfully completing challenging Defensive Combat Operations training.

These Sailors come from different Navy experience backgrounds to perform critical amphibious missions. They are expert engineers, logisticians, and operational planners and Vectrona’s Defensive Combat Operations course gives these warfighters the confidence to handle real world threats safely, skillfully, and effectively. 

Sailors were guided through challenging training scenarios to build individual and team skills in small arms, tactics, force protection, and basic tactical combat casualty care (TCCC). One sailor expressed that “all aspects of the training were very effective. Both the physical side of combat as well as the mental side in terms of awareness and showing how to deal with stressors.” All teams successfully met all mission challenges during the Final Training Exercises (FTX). These teams will deploy with all warfighters being confident, capable, and ready to succeed. 

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