Month: March 2012

Vectrona is now on SeaPort-e

Virginia Beach, VA – March 14, 2012, Vectrona is now on Seaport-e as a teaming partner with ITA International.  Vectrona is teaming with ITA to offer Systems Analysis and Systems Engineering support and services across the full spectrum of applications including requirements development, systems analysis, integration and control, as well as training system development and… Read more »

Vectrona Supports Virginia Solar Technology Training

Danville, VA – March 04, 2012, Vectrona received multiple awards to support Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic Training at Danville and Dabney S. Lancaster Community Colleges in Virginia.  Vectrona will provide system engineering designs and materials for operational Solar Thermal and PV Systems, and provide solar thermal training to Community College Instructors as they prepare… Read more »